Ex-U.N. nuclear inspector: Investigate Bush team for war crimes http://www.yahoo.com/ (TODAY - April 22, 2011 If you can do better than Bush, you would have to blame yourself first before you can have any shameless cold cold hard to blame Bush, because Bush can have that best will to listen to FDIC good will voice to increase insurance amount upto 250000 instead of 100000; he must have no problem to give his ears and eyes for any better advise; had anyone had told Bush why he has to dem 小額信貸and Colin Power to dismiss entire Secretary Department before he stepping down, he must have no problem to do it or to step down. If you cannot do better than Bush, you must have no right to own more power than Bush, not mention to investigate him. You sucking shameless cold cold hard U.N. nuclear inspector tie should do your duty to kill your own sucking lawless ruleless immoral U.N. body first befo 房屋貸款re you can have any suck to bother anyone else. Why US Congress must have to do the duty to impeach US liar Bill Clinton and his co-liar Hillary Clinton? Because Bill Clinton just admitted he lied about his crime of sex, then immediate followed with another even bigger lie to tell American people that he needs back to work that any US Congress member must have to step down immediately after he or she admitted a lie ope 租辦公室nly. Why I must have right to support US Congress to impeach their liar Bill Clinton and his sucking co-liar Hillary Clinton? Because at that time I was not only US lawful resident but also a lawful citizen from Taiwan that must have US Congress (That may explain how come US liar Bill Clinton must allow his co-liar Hillary Clinton [That shameless immoral cold cold hard "right wing conspiracy" lie already serious enough to deserve her to be kill 酒店打工ed immediately, no matter she chosen to be First Lady or US co-president title at that time] to run for US Senate while both of them still White House resident, so that they can scare anyone out of free speech right, and fear any foreigner from sending real voice to US Congress; that may explain how come Bush must have to go to U.N. to make a speech before sending US military out of US land, so that anyone who may fear to speak to US Congress can have all U.N. tim 租辦公室e to give any good advise to Bush himself; too bad, all U.N.member controlled slaved by that sucking New York shameless cold cold hard liar Bill Clinton and his co-liar Hillary Clinton who are on purposely killing all USA and all Taiwan good remaining.) special eyes; I have my all right to demand US Congress to impeach their sucking White House liar. I just too stupid (That how you have no right to blame Bush for any crime that USA committed, because Bush may be stupid, but he is not e 信用貸款vil , and he is not coward either<Why Bush junior did not do the duty to kill US liar Bill Clinton and his co-liar Hillary Clinton? Because he blame his dad more than Clinton, and he blame Cartar ##Any Democratic cannot be good enough to demand then President Ford to finish Washington D.C.{ that supposed to be finished in Lincoln time. All US 50 States must have all right to call in any US Military to replace Fed power, not mention all or most Southern States at that time. Lincoln seen US indivisual State individ 系統傢俱ual free right like nothing ???Anyone who cannot do the duty to guard working integrity to hit back anyone who trying to abuse dead body's suck to cover up his or her crime like liar Bill Clinton and his co-liar Hillary Clinton showed with the question: "do you mean you can have right to repeat Lincoln's crime as a US President, US co-president, US First Lady, or any US Bank staff?" yet dare get any path and stick to climb into that position to suck, that anyone must have to be killed along with those sucking US Preside 房屋買賣nt, US co-president, US First Lady, US Bank staff, that means all US Senate and that defending team hired by US liar Bill Clinton and his co-liar Hillary Clinton must be killed immediately. ???, more deserve to be killed than anyone, not mention to follow his sucking Presidency tie } after Nexion resigned, must have no right to run## more than his dad; I wonder had I had called him to kill all existing USA ex-presidents, he would do it or step himself down>; had he had any wiser to give him any good advise, he would have no problem to take that good voice 酒店兼職; just like had I had known that I have right to demand US military to kill their liar Bill Clinton and his co-liar Hillary Clinton, I would have no problem to give my name to make that demand immediately after that impeachment failed.) to know that I indeed have right  to demand US military  to kill their sucking White House liar Bill Clinton and his co-liaar Hillary Clinton after they dare commit the crime to abuse their rich and famous to hire any sucking US lawyer to attack me behind public eyes during that sucking impeach procedure at that 21世紀房屋仲介 time..  .


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